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Mario Procione Senior editor

EasyWeather is an application designed to remotely display meteorological information provided by the ProWeatherStation, on any PC running Windows operating system. This program allows users to setup alarms, as well as to configure the way information is displayed into charts. You should bear in mind, however, that EasyWeather may only be used if ProWeatherStation is connected with an USB cable to your computer.
EasyWeather is a PC program rich in features, which grants you access to numerous information regarding weather conditions at a given moment. Moreover, it allows you to choose from various units of measures for pressure, wind speed, as well as rainfall. All these settings are included into the Setup Main Menu. Furthermore, by accessing this menu, users are able to apply settings to the display format, such as the indoor and outdoor temperature, and also enable alarms for specific weather conditions. Another advantage of using this application arises from the data logging option. This option enables you to store information about weather conditions at a given moment in the “History Data” menu. These details may, then, be displayed in the format of either 2D or 3D graphs.

Altogether, EasyWeather is a feature-rich program, which gives users convenient access to real-time information about meteorological conditions. It also provides them with the possibility to structure and display them into graphs, in order to better comprehend the relevant statistics.


  • Feature-reach
  • Highly-configurable
  • Easy to use


  • None
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Publisher's description

EasyWeather is an advanced yet simple to use windows software that allows real time remote display of the ProWeatherStation. It can be used to setup the weather station parameters and alarms. It also is used for data logging and data export as well as viewing collected data in various built in graph formats. The weather station controller needs to be connected to the PC with a USB cable for real time display.

Latest comments

  All comments (13)
  • 0
    Guest 10 days ago

    How do you count zero highs and lows without losing all records?

  • 0
    Alick Last month

    Any help for me, please. My EasyWeather version 6.2 keeps saying not connected when, in fact, it is connected to my PC!

  • 0
    Guest 2 months ago

    EW works very well for day-to-day recording of my station but despite the instruction book's claims and any amount of trial-n-error, I cannot remove certain max/min readings on the console or reset the rain total. As certain helpful small boys occasionally take a delight in messing with the outdoor station I get spurious measurements I would like to erase.

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